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We are your overseas partner.

Doing business means more than selling a product or service. It is about connecting with people to whom what you sell can provide any form of value. 

Starting from there, we've developed expertise in evaluating your offers' potential to adapt to foreign markets. We will also help to enhance them. Thanks to our active network, we are able to deliver efficient and concrete results in order to reach your objectives.

As we believe that doing business comes from peer to peer relationships, we remain on the field. We seek our analysis to be as concrete, reliable and useful as possible. 

Our Expertise

We know how to do business abroad.

Looking abroad is inevitable.

There is no denying that the world is connecting itself. Competition stopped coming only from our neighbors and followed globalisation.

We believe tomorrow's success will come from our ability to operate in a multi-cultural landscape.

One, in which we were born.

Use our knowledge.

We constantly evolve through our experience that we back with hard knowledges.


Over time, we have learned to efficiently understand how a product will fit within an environment and match with people  from another culture. And, we know how to deal with export challenges.

We believe we can be of service to help you evaluate your products' potential in selected countries.

Benefit from our active network.

We already have an active presence on various countries and we keep expanding to be able to offer more.

We've built and will keep building our partnerships through trust and integrity.

Through those partnerships, we are able to move fast in integrating your products on local scenes.

We care about your needs.

We believe that trust is merely something that is given but much more something that is earned.


By focusing on your needs and enhancing them, by delivering results that go beyond your expectation, we believe we can build strong partnerships to sustain your growth.

We seek tangible, concrete results.

We consider organisations to be above all, humans. Thinking that way, doing business looks like connecting people with merging interest.

Technology helps us being faster at targeting and then reaching our objectives.

Helping you exporting means targeting then meeting people. For you, it means clear and useful results.

We think there is nothing better than to have a local human insight. You might be considering exporting or already receiving purchases orders from abroad. You might be looking to get supplies that you cannot find where you are.

Anyway, you're looking to enhance your business internationally.

We combine local presence, market knowledge and trusted expertise on doing business with foreign countries. This expertise means being able to efficiently deal with operational, legal, financial and human matters. In the meantime, it means knowing where to efficiently target our actions.

We created three offers : Export Assistance, Distribution Management and Business Enabler based on the most encountered scenarios.


Export Assistance and Distribution Management are made for organisations working on exportation. First one is for those in their initial exporting phases, while the latter is for companies already receiving purchases from foreign countries.

Second, Business Enabler is made for professionals looking to enlarge their footprint by improving their business via new foreign partners. 


We consider that each situation is unique. That is why those offers represent our framework on which we will craft yours.

Enhancing business

Thinking global is a thing.

Our Offers

We want to enable your business.


You are in your first steps of selling your product abroad, either you've heard about a country or you already have some local contacts. You might even have a few purchases incoming.


We will work on an action plan to best introduce your product or service on the local market.

We will handle local meetings and representation on site. We will share results with you all along. We will seek to optimize your product or service's introduction abroad and help you start doing business.

You are already selling one or more products and services abroad. You work with distributors or local partners.

Either way, you would like to enhance and optimize those sales to secure your positions. 

We will you single point of contact and we will manage your distribution network, keeping a frequent contact with yours partners, challeng We will work with you to diversify your partner portfolio while giving you feedbacks about the powers at stake in the region you seek to develop.

You are looking to enlarge your footprint. You want to increase your business volume or maybe optimize your supplier list. You might lack ressources to develop your new product or service.


You believe your next partners might come from farther than home.

We'll work alongside you to understand your product, organisation and the way you do business. We'll consider all partners you could have, without being border-restrictive. We'll introduce you to the right people and optimize the way you do business.

.I Offres

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