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Business Enabler

We can connect people.

Our customers

We've created Business Enablers for organisations seeking to enhance their footprint thanks to new partners. You might be looking to build a new product or service but lack the ressources to do so. You might have heard that a supply can be bought at a quarter of the price you are paying today.

Anyway, you want to search, find and get in touch with potential futur partners.

Our work

We will put our international network and our expertise in business development at work in your organisation. We will provide you with the partners you seek, while widening your horizon regarding your industry landscape.

Our mission

We will work alongside you to understand what you can provide to your customers. We will look for room for improvement. And, we will find the way to resolve your issues, without being border-restrictive. 

Our goal

We want to make sure that you find the right partners for your business. We will seek to optimize production costs, thanks to linking you with the best professionals offering the supplies you need.

Few examples of our actions

Supplier identification

Competitors now come from all around the world. Not only your competitors, but also your suppliers' ones. 

Knowing the global landscape is a key in optimizing your profit and future innovation.

We will work with you to find the ones that are most likely to answer your needs. Then, we will arrange meetings for you to decide the next step.

Product targeting

People are always asking for new products or services. Often, those products are not available in our countries but might be in others. 

Knowing about them will make the difference.

Thanks to our international active network, we can easily search and find if the service you seek exist, and link you to the company producing it.

International optimisation

Our goal is to maximise your business output. If you sell a product or service on various continents, you might consider producing abroad.

Instead of trying to produce a product that already exist outside of your country, you might want to import it.

We'll also keep an eye on your industry's trend. We'll work to know which countries are emergent. We will look for competitors that might be looking into you as well.

People linking

The baseline of our job is to connect to people and to build relationship with them. We know we can create real added value by reaching out to the right person.

If you are looking to get in touch with someone from a particular industry, we can find the way to arrange a meeting.

Exporting start with Export Assistance.

Active export turnover means moving to Distribution Management.

Let's talk

Let's talk.

Our Address

10 Rue Ledru-Rollin

92150 Suresnes


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