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Export Assistance

We know the place where you want to go.

Our customers

We have created Export Assistance for organisations in their initial phases in exportation. You might have been contacted by a potential buyer interested by your products. Maybe you've heard of a country where you have competitors or where your product has shown interest. 

Either way, you're considering to go international.


Our work

We will work together with you to evaluate your business’ potential and develop an expansion strategy, customized to your needs. Our goal is to help you establish strong foundations for growth overseas.

Our mission

We will integrate your business into the local scene, helping you establish ties with local partners or distributors, and supporting you throughout all aspects of your operational setup.

Our goal

We will work to confirm local partnerships. And, we will start a lasting exporting entreprise. We will optimize your exported product or service for the region you target. In the end, we will enhance your local turnover.

Few examples of our actions

Market Analysis

We will go "on the ground" to provide the most accurate datas to be efficient in your market analysis.


We will underline cultural specificities, norms and business practices, regulatory requirements and operating environments, taxation and accounting practices and so on.


We will help you navigate through complexities of setting up a local business and will link you up with the right contacts to achieve your goals.

Third Party Marketing

We can guide you through the process of getting in touch with appropriate local distributors and partners.

After understanding your goals and requirements, we will review the distribution potential with you to help you determine an effective next move.


In the end, we aim to develop a successful network and presence.   

Management Contracting

You can choose to have Thaliane controlling your day-to-day offshore business operations.

Simply put, it is a safer and less expensive alternative to foreign direct investment.


As your appointed agent, we will perform the necessary managerial functions for your business. This could include technical operation of your production facility, human resources training and management, accounting and marketing, etc.

Administrative Assistance

You may have other needs related to exportation : finding office space, handling recruitment, locating on-demand services, and so on.


Thaliane can put you in touch with the appropriate people.

We’ll keep it seamless and fuss-free. We want you to rest assured that your operational and administrative needs are taken care of.  

Active export turnover means moving to Distribution Management.

Enhance your business from abroad thanks to Business Enabler.

Let's talk

Let's talk.

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