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We provide

tailored business services for organisations.

We believe we can help you thrive at your full potential. We combine our understanding of organizations with our strong active network and our skills in business services. We will work with you to understand the way your organisation is working. We will see together how this could be enhance. Our goal ? Enhance the way you do your international business.

Simply put, we provide tailored business services for organisations.

Our Vision

We want to be your business partner at every level of your growth, helping you to thrive at your full potential.

We believe all businesses, no matter the size nor the maturity need partners, and new insight so they can focus on their core business. 

That is where we kick-in.

Our Mission

We will put both our expertise and network to work in your organisation. We seek to provide positive benefits, value, and a great return on your investment in our services.


Our ambition is to help you reduce costs, manage risks, leverage talents and adapt the way you do business in different areas.

Our Work

We keep evolving to respond to industry trends and we combine our technical and interpersonal skills in response to your evolving needs.


Over time, what we do remains closely linked with helping you to improve the way you operate, innovate and grow.

Our Strenghts

We aim to stand for the highest standards of quality and integrity.


Thanks to our existing network and expertise, we aim to be fast at delivering efficient results.
What we do is business development

Our Flexibility

No one wants the same thing at the same time, and all organisations are different. That is why we commit our offer to be tailored for you.


We trust that opportunities are everywhere, and we challenge ourselves to find yours.

Our Commitments

We want you to know what we stand for.

We are understanding.

Communication is more than just the words we use. Actually, words account for more or less 10% of the information we seek to share. The rest is linked to the way we act over those words.

For us, it means actively listening to what you say. We want to be sure to understand you, to answer your needs perfectly


Eventually, understanding also means challenging what you say, to be as close to a perfect solution as possible.

We are flexible.

Flexibility is a base for agility. In a constantly evolving world, never taking anything for granted is a key for success. 

In the same time, flexibility stands for being able to exchange with all kind of organisations, no matter their size or maturity.

For our clients, it means having a tailored business service, not only matching their needs but also being on the forefront of innovation.

We seek excellence.

Aristote said that excellence is not an act but an habit. This is how we seek excellence for all matters at Thaliane, both internally and externally.


Seeking excellence allow us to feel confident in what we offer because of the created value.

We seek integrity.

Integrity is the foundation of trust. And trust is the foundation of cooperation. We want to succeed as a group and to do so, we need people working in the same direction.


It easier to do so when you trust that your group have your back.

On a daily basis, integrity means being true to what we say, remaining transparent on our choices while encouraging each and everyone progress.

We are optimists.

A mind cannot be the host of good and bad thoughts at the same time. By encouraging the first ones, we aim to foster creativity and innovation, even in times of crisis.

For our clients, it means having people ready to go on the ground to achieve your goals. In the end, it means having the most efficient answer to your evolving needs.

Let's talk.

Our Address

10 Rue Ledru-Rollin

92150 Suresnes


Thanks ! We'll get back to you in a few days.

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