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We want to craft our offer for you.

Each situation is unique.

We trust that each product, service, organisation or individual has its unique specificities. Taking that into account, we believe we need to craft our offers to your uniqueness.

Considering details allows us to have a strong customer service, with our offers matching and beating your expectations.

To craft your offer, we use a simple and efficient process. We will listen to you and work alongside your teams to build upon our base offers. Starting from there, we'll demonstrate our strategy and put it into action. Our actions will go from research and on the ground work. Therefore, our results will be concrete, reliable and directly usable. 


We will use those results to constantly adapt our strategy, making sure we are always aligned with your and market expectations.


We listen.

It might seems obvious, but the first thing we do is listening to you. We want to hear about you, your company, your product, the actions you might have already taken, your actual knowledge about international business and so on.

We want to make sure we understand your offer and your issues. 

Starting from there, we will evaluate your product or service export potential. We'll be direct wether some adjustments should be made in order for it to better fit the export market.

Then we start crafting upon one of our offers.


We craft.

Based on our expertise and research conducted specifically for you, we will build up an export strategy. 

We'll put in it all actions that we'll take to respond to your needs, with expected outputs.

We'll validate it together and then we go on the field.


We go on the field.

We have teams with checked expertise in international business development. We've learned from them that the best way to see if a product fit is to actually talk about it.

We'll meet local people, from our existing network and new ones that seems concerned about your product or service. We'll leverage local interest for your brand. 

We'll share with you what we do, and we'll propose you an analysis.


We analyse.

As engineers, we believe in understanding meaningful data. Understanding means see where we did good and where we can improve.

We want you to know about how to be distributed, who could be your partners, who are your competitors and so on.

We do it live, so that we can adjust directly. We want to make sure we remain as close as we can to the best path.


We repeat.

We now have better intelligence of your product's potential. We have adapted our strategy to better match the existing competition. And we know where to look next.

It is now time to take that into account and to build over it one more time.

Over time, we'll provide you with what you need to best sell your product or service, and then sell it.

And here are the offer we'll build on.


Export Assistance

You are in your first steps of selling your product abroad, either you've heard about a country or you already have some local contacts. You might even have a few purchases incoming.


We will work on an action plan to best introduce your product on the local market.

We will handle local meetings and representation and sharing results with you in the meantime. We will seek to optimize your product or service introduction abroad and help you start doing business.

Distribution Management 

You are already selling one or more products and services abroad. You work with distributors or local partners.

Either way, you would like to enhance or optimize those sales to secure your positions. 

We will work with you to diversify your partner portfolio while giving you feedbacks about the powers at stake in the region you seek to develop.

Business Enabler

You are looking to enlarge your footprint. You want to increase your business volume or maybe optimize your supplier list. You might lack ressources to develop your new product or service.


You believe your next partners might come from farther than home.

We'll work alongside you to understand your product, organisation and the way you do business. We'll consider all partners you could have, without being border-restrictive. We'll introduce you to the right people and optimize the way you do business.

Let's talk.

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