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Come beyond borders.

From our active network and our expertise in business services, we believe we can have a positive impact on organisations.

We offer you the chance to thrive at your maximum pace.

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Reach Maximum Pace

Thinking differently.

The world is changing. Going International should be obvious.


Globalization allowed companies to sell on every continent, recruit their next talents without border, and foster creativity and innovation by widening our minds. 

Technology and the internet created new ways to learn, better analyse our actions, and collaborate. In the meantime, it also created new expertises at a speed never seen before. 

Thaliane was born in this world. We aim to help you thrive at your maximum potential thanks to our ability to play in this evolving playground. Thanks to our international spirit, our ability to understand your organisation and its stakes, and our skills in successfully managing corporations, we believe we can have a positive impact.

By understanding your needs and enhancing them, we will provide you with the best answer possible. For you, it means something tailored, quickly and efficiently delivered with on-the-ground approach so our answer to be truly implementable.
We know and do business development.

As each situation is unique, the first thing we need to do is to get in touch to start crafting your tailored service.

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You are in your first steps of selling your product abroad, either you've heard about a country or you already have some local contacts. You might even have a few purchases incoming.


We will work on an action plan to best introduce your product on the local market.

We will handle local meetings and representation and sharing results with you in the meantime. We will seek to optimize your product or service introduction abroad and help you start doing business.

You are already selling one or more products and services abroad. You work with distributors or local partners.

Either way, you would like to enhance or optimize those sales to secure your positions. 

We will work with you to diversify your partner portfolio while giving you feedbacks about the powers at stake in the region you seek to develop.

Because we are confident in our ability to increase your business. We can work as your agent or your business provider.
We will show you what we can do, to make obvious your choice of collaborating with us.  

Either you are looking to enlarge your footprint. You want to increase your business volume or maybe optimize your supplier list.

You believe your next partners might come from farther than home.

We will introduce you.



Enhancing your business. 


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